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707 Thug

Thug lyfe in the 707

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This community is for all the tru thugs in Northern Cali. We be representin the 707.

Post about being ghetto, post about skanks, post pictures of you being the gangsta gangsta you are. Post about Lil' Kim, or about Luda's new shit. It dont matter. Just KEEP IT REAL PLAYA.

Damn it Feels good to be a gangsta.


oh yeah, and fill out this survey in your first post or some shit.

1. identity (name fool)
2. how do you roll?
3. who is your idol?
4. who's ass would you just LOVE to tap?
5. pimp, or ho?
6. fifty cent or luda?
7. whats your poison?
8. what makes you a gangsta?

if you feel you aint gangsta enuff, this should help you out. keep on thuggin.